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The Rev. John Bachman (1790-1874) was a gifted, industrious man with many talents and interests. He served the same Charleston, South Carolina church as pastor for 56 years but still found time to conduct natural history studies that caught the attention of noted bird artist John James Audubon and eminent scientists in England, Europe, and beyond. He was a proponent of secular and religious education and helped found Newberry College and the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, as well as the South Carolina Lutheran Synod.

Bachman was a social reformer who ministered to African-American slaves and freemen alike, and he used his natural history knowledge to become one of the first writers to argue scientifically that blacks and whites are the same species. His accomplishments span a lifetime punctuated by the unrest of the Civil War--a conflict that caused him great consternation and may have brought about his premature death due to injuries suffered at the hands of Union soldiers.

Despite his seminal achievements, Bachman is usually overlooked in accounts of important figures from the 19th century, and he is seldom mentioned in history courses--even in South Carolina schools. This Web site--coupled with an international John Bachman Symposium held in conjunction with Newberry College's 150th anniversary in April 2006--will help relieve such oversights by providing a comprehensive on-line account of Bachman's life and work.

We invite you to browse the sections listed at left and let us know if you have information about John Bachman that you'd like to see posted. The site is a work in progress and will continue to grow as additional materials are received and compiled.

Please revisit this Web site often at and plan to attend the Symposium on Nature, God & Social Reform in the Old South: The Life & Work of the Rev. John Bachman in April 2006.

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