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Selected Publications BY Bachman, et al.
(listed chronologically)

Bachman, John. 1834. A Catalogue of the Phaenogamous Plants and Ferns Native and Naturalized, Found Growing in the Vicinity of Charleston, SC.

Bachman, John. 1837. A Sermon on the Doctrines and Discipline of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. J.S. Burges, Charleston SC. [Pamphlet; sermon preached 12 Nov 1837 at the 14th meeting of the South Carolina Lutheran Synod in Charleston.]

Audubon, John J. and John Bachman. 1849-1854. The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America. (Plate 143, Severn River & Rocky Mountain Flying Squirrels, is shown above)

Bachman, John. 1843. An inquiry into the nature and benefits of an agricultural survey of the state of South Carolina. Miller & Browne, Charleston SC.

Bachman, John 1850. The doctrine of the unity of the human race examined on the principles of science. C. Canning, Charleston SC.

Bachman, John. 1850. Two Letters on Hibridity.

Bachman, John. 1851. Letter to Henry Summer (Newberry SC), 6 September 1851. Manuscripts Collection, Univ. South Carolina Library, Columbia.

Bachman, John. 1853. A Defence of Luther and the Reformation Against the Charges of John Bellinger, M.D., And Others To Which Are Appended Various Communications of Other Protestant and Roman Catholic Writers Who Engaged in the Controversy. William H. Paxton, Charleston SC.

Bachman, John. 1854. A notice of the "Types of Mankind," with an examination of the charges contained in the biography of Dr. Morton, published by Nott and Gliddon. James, Williams & Gitsinger, Steam Power Press, Charleston SC.

Bachman, John. 1854. Examination of Professor Agassiz’s Sketch of the Natural Provinces of the Animal World.

Bachman, John. 1864. Characteristics of Genera and Species, as Applicable to the Doctrine of Unity in the Human Race.

Girardeau, John Lafayette, Dickson Bruns & John Bachman. 1871. Confederate Memorial Day At Charleston, S.C. Re-interment of the Carolina Dead from Gettysburg. William Mazyck, Charleston SC. 36pp.

You can access detailed information about Bachman's life and work by clicking on the links in the column at left.

Selected Publications ABOUT Bachman
(listed by author)

Bost, Raymond. 1974. John Bachman: Nature, Truth, and No Humbug. Pamphlet: Address for Founder's Day Convocation, 11 Feb 1974. Newberry College, Newberry SC.

Happoldt, Christopher. 1960. The Christopher Happoldt Journal: His European Tour with the Rev. John Bachman, June-December 1838 [Claude Henry Neuffer, ed.]. Charleston Museum, Charleston SC, 214 pp.

Bachman, Catherine L. 1888. John Bachman, Letters and Memories of His Life [with letters compiled by John Bachman Haskell]. Charleston, 448 pp. This volume is to be re-published as a facsimile edition by Zenaida Publishing in conjunction with the John Bachman Symposium in 2006 and will first be available for sale at Newberry College during the event. See 1888 Biography.

Hilton Jr., Bill. 1990. Telling nature's secrets . . . The interpretive naturalist at work. South Carolina Wildlife 37(5):12-15.

Hoover, Mary Bachman. 1974?. A few notes on the life of Dr. John R. Bachman. [Document typed and hand-corrected by Bachman's granddaughter; in Newberry College archives.]

Morton, Samuel George. 1850. Letter to the Rev. John Bachman, D.D., on the question of hybridity in animals, considered in reference to the unity of the human species. Charleston SC.

Shuler, Jay. 1995. Had I the Wings: The Friendship of Bachman and Audubon. Univ. Georgia Press, 233 pp.

Stephens, Lester D. 2000. Science, Race, and Religion in the American South: John Bachman and the Charleston Circle of Naturalists, 1815-1895. Univ. North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, 338 pp. (cover above right)

Taylor, David. 1998. South Carolina Naturalists: An Anthology, 1700-1860. Univ. South Carolina Press, Columbia, 241 pp.

You can access detailed information about Bachman's life and work by clicking on the links in the column at left.

You can access detailed information about Bachman's life and work by clicking on the links in the column at left.

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