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The following dates & events are pertinent to the life and work
of the Rev. John Bachman

(additions on 23 Jan 2006)

1754--Aboard the ship Barclay, Pastor Johann Nicholas Martin arrives at the port of Philadelphia from Germany with family (14 Sep); soon moves to churches in Anson County NC and later in Columbia SC (Dutch Fork) area

1763--Johann Nicholas Martin answers call to pulpit of a church to be named St. John's Lutheran Church, Charleston SC

1785--John James Audubon born, Les Cayes, Santo Domingo (present-day Haiti) (26 Apr)

1790--John Bachman born, Rhinebeck NY (4 Feb), son of Jacob & Eva Shop Bachman

1791--Harriet Martin born, Charleston SC (10 Aug)

1796--Maria Martin born, Charleston SC (3 Jul)

1802--Young Bachman moves from New York to Philadelphia to continue schooling

1804--Bachman begins visiting John Bartram's garden and meets bird artist Alexander Wilson (approximate date)

1804--Bachman meets Baron Alexander von Humboldt (June)

1806--Bachman shows first signs of respiratory problems, leaves school in Philadelphia and returns to parents' New York home; stays in bed for about 18 months, nursed by his mother

1808--Bachman's strength and health return

1808--Bachman decides to read for the law, changes mind after extensive prayer and commits himself to life as a minister; moves in with Pastor Anthony T. Braun in West Sandlake NY to commence religious studies

1808--John James Audubon weds Lucy Green Bakewell (5 Apr)

1809--Bachman takes position as teacher of Latin, French & German at Elwood School at Milestown, near Philadelphia

1809--Victor Gifford Audubon born to John James & Lucy Audubon (12 Jun)

1810--Bachman departs Elwood School to teach at school of the St. John's Lutheran Church, Philadelphia (summer)

1812--John Woodhouse Audubon born to John James & Lucy Audubon (30 Nov)

1813--Alexander Wilson dies shortly after publishing seventh volume of American Ornithology (Aug)

1813--Bachman licensed to preach in Lutheran churches, Philadelphia PA

1814--Bachman ordained by New York Ministerium as Lutheran minister (Dec), and almost immediately accepts call to become pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church, Charleston SC

1815--Bachman arrives in Charleston (10 Jan) and assumes pastorate at St. John's (12 Jan); serves for 56 years

1815--Bachman moves in with Col. Jacob Sass and stays a year until marriage to Harriet Martin

1815--Bachman joins German Friendly Society in Charleston

1816--Bachman marries Charleston's Harriet Martin (23 Jan), granddaughter of the Rev. John Nicolas Martin, former pastor of St. John's

1816--Bachman petitions St. John's church vestry for permission to baptize and commune free coloreds (Feb); permission is granted

1818--St. John's vestry enlarges space set aside for African-American worshippers

1824--Bachman begins first term as president of Lutheran Synod of South Carolina; serves until 1833

1831--Bachman hosts John James Audubon for a month at Bachman's Rutledge Avenue home during the artist's trip to Charleston (beginning 17 Oct)

1831--Bachman's sister-in-law Maria Martin becomes John James Audubon's assistant and begins to contribute paintings of backgrounds, insects, plants, etc., used in Audubon's Birds of North America

1831--Bachman helps found what is now Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary at Pomaria SC

1831--Bachman oversees construction of new Sunday School building at St. John's Lutheran Church

1832--Audubon returns to Bachman home in Charleston after a scouting trip to Florida (10 Mar)

1832--St. John's vestry again enlarges space set aside for African-American worshippers

1833--Bachman helps found South Carolina State Horticultural Society

1834--Jehu Jones, an African-American member of St. John's Lutheran Church, is encouraged by Bachman to enter the ministry, establishes Black Lutheran congregation in Philadelphia

1834--Lutheran seminary relocates to Lexington SC

1834--Bachman is elected to board of trustees of College of Charleston; serves until 1848

1837--John Woodhouse Audubon marries Maria "Ria" Rebecca Bachman (June); they produce two daughters

1838--Bachman boards the Chicora in Charleston and embarks on a European tour (5 Jun)

1838--Bachman arrives (1 Jul) in Liverpool, England, to news that Lucy Green Audubon had been born to John Woodhouse and Maria Rebecca Bachman Audubon while he was at sea; moves in with John James Audubon and family; Bachman again meets Baron von Humboldt, receives honorary doctorate from University of Berlin

1838--Bachman departs Liverpool aboard the America (11 Nov)

1838--Bachman arrives in Charleston (27 Dec)

1839--Bachman begins second term as president of Lutheran Synod of South Carolina; serves until 1840

1839--Victor Gifford Audubon shows up unannounced on doorstep of Bachman's Charleston home (5 Apr); reportedly begins courtship of Mary Eliza Bachman shortly thereafter

1840--Bachman & John James Audubon begin work on Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America

1840--Maria Rebecca Bachman Audubon dies of tuberculosis at age 23 (15 Sep); buried at St. John's Lutheran Church

1841--John Woodhouse Audubon marries second wife Caroline Hall; they produce seven children

1841--Mary Eliza Bachman Audubon dies in New York at age 22 (25 May)

1842--For third time, St. John's vestry enlarges space set aside for African-American worshippers

1845--Bachman & John James Audubon publish first of three Imperial folios (without text) of Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America

1845--Boston Jenkins Drayton, an African-American member of St. John's Lutheran Church, is encouraged by Bachman to enter the ministry, becomes Lutheran missionary to Liberia; Drayton later becomes chief justice of Liberian Supreme Court

1845--Thanks to concerted effort by Bachman, black communicant membership of St. John's reaches all-time high of 200; separate African-American Sunday School has 150 pupils & teaching staff of more than 30

1845--Bachman elected vice president of Charleston Library Society; serves until 1848

1846--Bachman's first wife Harriet Martin Bachman dies after 30 years of marriage and 14 children, nine of whom survived

1848--Bachman marries his sister-in-law, Maria Martin; they produce no children

1848--Bachman becomes professor of natural history at College of Charleston; serves until 1853 when he steps down to devote more time to ministry

1848--Bachman preaches a special sermon on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Charleston Library Society, of which he was a member and officer

1849--Bachman & John James Audubon publish first Royal Octavo volume of Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America

1850--Bachman publishes Two Letters on Hibridity

1851--John James Audubon dies, New York City, at age 64 (27 Jan)

1851--Bachman writes letter to Henry Summer of Newberry, discussing his views on secession and describing Bachman's visit with President Millard Fillmore (6 Sep)

1853--Bachman publishes A Defense of Luther and the Reformation

1854--Bachman, with help of Audubon sons, publishes third and final text volume of Imperial folio for Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America

1854--Bachman publishes Notice of the Types of Mankind by Nott and Gliddon

1855--Bachman publishes Examination of Professor Agassiz’s Sketch of the Natural Provinces of the Animal World

1855--South Carolina Lutheran Synod votes to establish a degree-granting institution called Luther College and Theological Seminary

1856--South Carolina Lutheran Synod votes to rename the new school Newberry College

1856--South Carolina Lutheran Synod elects the first Newberry College Board of Trustees (18 members)

1856--Under petition from Bachman and others, State of South Carolina charters Newberry College (20 Dec)

1857--Newberry College board of trustees holds first meeting; Bachman elected as first board president (15 Jan); next day authorizes $2,300 for purchase of 54 acres of land for the campus

1858--Cornerstone is laid for first building at Newberry College (15 Jul)

1859--Newberry College begins operations with more than 100 students (six in college, two in seminary, and the remainder in an all-male preparatory school)

1860--Bachman begins serving as co-editor of Southern Lutheran; continues until 1862

1860--At St. John's, Bachman baptizes 67 Euro-Americans & 76 African-Americans and confirms 19 Euro-Americans and 40 African-Americans; Blacks constitute 35% of St. John's communicant membership

1860--Bachman leads opening prayer at Institute Hall in Charleston as South Carolina meets to vote for secession (20 Dec)

1860--Victor Gifford Audubon dies

1861--Confederate forces fire on Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor (12 Apr)

1862--John Woodhouse Audubon dies, New York (21 Feb)

1863--Maria Martin Bachman dies (18 Dec)

1864--Bachman publishes Characteristics of Genera and Species, as Applicable to the Doctrine of Unity in the Human Race

1866--Bachman is instrumental in adoption of Lutheran Book of Worship

1868--Due to building damage from weather and Confederate and federal troops, Newberry College relocates to Walhalla SC

1871--Bachman retires as pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church after 56 years, but continues to preach

1874--Lucy Bakewell Audubon dies

1874--John Bachman dies of paralysis in Charleston SC, age 84 years, 20 days (24 Feb)

1877--Cornerstone for a new building is laid at Newberry SC, in anticipation of return of Newberry College from Walhalla SC (28 July)

1877--Newberry College returns to Newberry SC after nine years at Walhalla SC (19 Sep)

1962--Bachman Honor Society established at Newberry College to recognize graduating seniors in top 10% of class

1974--J. Palmer Gaillard Jr, mayor of Charleston SC, proclaims John Bachman Day to commemorate the centennial of Bachman's death (24 Feb)

2006--Newberry College Alumni Association holds John Bachman Symposium to honor the Rev. John Bachman and begin year-long celebration of the College's Sesquicentennial (20-23 Apr)

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